IEEE MASS 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2014
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Main Program

Note: Everyone attending IEEE MASS 2014 needs to carry a picture ID as it is required to enter the conference building.

Best Poster and Demo Awards

Best Poster Awards:

Recommendation-based Trust Management for Body Area Networks,  Wenjia Li, and Xianshu Zhu

Cellular Vehicular Networks (CVN): ProSe-based ITS in advanced 4G networks, Thouraya Toukabri, Adel Mounir Said, Emad Abd-Elrahman, and Hossam Afifi

Best Demo Award:

Towards A Reconfigurable Cyber Physical System, Priyank Bharad, Eun Kyun Lee, and Dario Pompili

 Workshops will be held on Monday, Oct 27, 2014. For details, check the workshop page.



Tuesday, Oct 28th

Wednesday, Oct 29th

Thursday, Oct 30th

8:00 – 8:30


By Preston F. Marshall



By Thomas F. La Porta


Mobile Device Energy Efficiency


8:30 – 9:00

9:00 – 9:30

9:30 – 10:00




10:00 – 10:30

Mobile Sensing Systems

Cellular Networks

Infrastructure Sensing Applications

Information Services

Low-power Wireless Protocols

Content Dissemination

10:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:30

11:30 – 12:00


12:00 – 12:30

12:30 – 1:00

1:00 – 1:30

Indoor Sensing

Neighborhood and Context Discovery

Short Papers: Experimental Systems and Protocols

Short Papers: Algorithms and  Theory

Location Tracking


1:30 – 2:00

2:00 – 2:30


2:30 – 3:00



Multihop Wireless


Distributed Algorithms

3:00 – 3:30


Foundations of  Social Sensing

Poster and Demo Session


3:30 – 4:00

4:00 – 4:30



Tuesday, October 28th





Keynote Talk

Enabling Flexible Networks that Converge Unlicensed and Licensed Technologies

Dr. Preston F. Marshall





Mobile Sensing Systems

FindingNemo: Finding Your Lost Child in Crowds via Mobile Crowd Sensing

Kaikai Liu; Xiaolin Li


Grace: Recognition of Proximity-Based Intentional Groups using Collaborative Mobile Devices

Na Yu; Qi Han


GUI: GPS-Less Traffic Congestion Avoidance in Urban Areas with Inter-Vehicular Communication

Zhen Jiang; Jie Wu; Paul Sabatino



Cellular Networks

QoS Driven Multi-user Video Streaming in Cellular CRNs: The Case of Multiple Channel Access

Zhifeng He; Shiwen Mao


"Cocktail Party in the Cloud": Blind Source Separation for Co-operative Cellular Communication in Cloud RAN                     

Abolfazl Hajisami; Hariharasudhan Viswanathan; Dario Pompili


Joint user scheduling, user association, and resource partition in heterogeneous cellular networks              

Hao Zhou; Yusheng Ji; Xiaoyan Wang; Baohua Zhao





Indoor Sensing

SmartSensing: Sensing Through Walls with Your Smartphone!                       

Yongpan Zou; Guanhua Wang; Kaishun Wu; Lionel Ni


Navigating in Signal Space: A Crowd-sourced Sensing Map Construction for Navigation   

Jindan Zhu; Souvik Sen; Prasant Mohapatra; Kyu-Han Kim


FailureSense: Detecting Sensor Failure using Electrical Appliances in the Home   

Sirajum Munir; John Stankovic



Neighborhood and Context Discovery

Pickup Game: Acquainting Neighbors Quickly and Efficiently in Crowd                              

JunZe Han; Xiang-Yang Li


CLAN: An Efficient Distributed Temporal Community Detection Protocol                              

Stephen Dabideen; Vikas Kawadia; Samuel C. Nelson


Efficient Decentralized Context Sharing via Smart Aggregation                     

Sungmin Cho; Christine Julien






Fusion of Radio and Camera Sensor Data for Accurate Positioning                              

Savvas Papaioannou; Hongkai Wen; Andrew Markham; Niki Trigoni


Fast and Accurate Indoor Localization based on Spatially Hierarchical Classification                    

Duc A. Tran; Cuong Pham


B-Loc: Scalable Floor Localization using Barometer on Smartphone                              

Haibo Ye; Xianping Tao



Foundations of Social Sensing

Optimal Prizes for All-Pay Contests in Heterogeneous Crowdsourcing                              

Tie Luo; Salil S Kanhere; Sajal K. Das; Hwee Pink Tan


Profit-Maximizing Stochastic Control for Mobile Crowd Sensing Platforms

Yang Han; Yanmin Zhu


Fast Information Cascade Prediction Through Spatiotemporal Decompositions

Huanyang Zheng; Jie Wu

 Conference reception at 6 pm, Tuesday.
Location: Estia, 1405-07 Locus Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Wednesday, October 29th



Keynote Talk

Quality of Information-Aware Networking

Dr. Thomas F. La Porta





Infrastructure Sensing Applications

GasNet: Efficient Residential Building Gas Leak Monitoring via Opportunistic Networking

Zenghua Zhao; Xin Zhang; Xuanxuan Wu; Xiang-Yang Li


Accurate Pipeline Blockage Detection with Low-Cost Multi-Modal Sensing

Chengjie Zhang; John Heidemann


Self-Motivated Relay Selection for a Generalized Power Line Monitoring Network

Jose Cordova Garcia; Xin Wang; Dongliang Xie; Lei Zuo



Information Services

BRVST: An Efficient and Content-Expressive Information Matching Overlay for Wireless Networks   

Ying Li; Xin Wang


Expertise-Based Data Access in Content-Centric Mobile Opportunistic Networks           

Jing Zhao; Xiaomei Zhang; Guohong Cao; Mudhakar Srivatsa; Xifeng Yan


Community Clinic: Economizing Mobile Cloud Service Cost via Cloudlet Group   

Jin Zhang; Tao Xiong; Wei Lou





Short Papers: Experimental Systems and Protocols

Low complexity target coverage heuristics using mobile cameras

Azin Neishaboori; Ahmed M Saeed; Khaled A. Harras; Amr Mohamed


Secure and Efficient Video Surveillance in Cloud Computing                           

Shiwen Zhang; Yaping Lin; Qin Liu


Towards Smart Routing: Exploiting User Context for Video Delivery in Mobile Networks                            

Jun He; Wei Song


Impromptu Deployment of Wireless Relay Networks: Experiences Along a Forest Trail     

Arpan Chattopadhyay; Avishek Ghosh; Akhila Rao; Bharat Dwivedi; Anand S. v. r.; Marceau Coupechoux; Anurag Kumar


Sleep-Route: Assured Sensing with Aggressively Sleeping Nodes

Chayan Sarkar; Vijay S Rao; R Venkatesha Prasad; Koen Langendoen


Delay Aware Resource Allocation for Secondary Users in Cognitive LTE Network             

Alia Asheralieva


Understanding Multiple Features with Hypercube for Distinguishing Uncertain Objects in Mobile Crowdsensing            

Bin Liu; Chao Song; Ming Liu; Nianbo Liu; Jinqi Zhu



Short Papers: Algorithms and Theory

Auction-based Spectrum Leasing for Secure Information Transfer in Cognitive Radio Networks

Xiaoyan Wang; Yusheng Ji; Hao Zhou; Jie Li


Distributed Hole Detection Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks                              

Pradipta Ghosh; Jie Gao; Andrea Gasparri; Bhaskar Krishnamachari


Delay and Energy-Efficient STDMA for Grid Wireless Sensor Networks: ORCHID              

Ichrak Amdouni; Cedric Adjih; Pascale Minet


Low Expected Latency Routing in Dynamic Networks        

Prithwish Basu; Feng Yu; Matthew P Johnson; Amotz Bar-Noy


To Carry or To Forward? A Traffic-aware Data Collection Protocol in VANETs

Zongjian He; Jiannong Cao; Xuefeng Liu


A Theoretical Analysis Of Path Loss Based Activity Recognition      

Iberedem Ekure; Shuangquan Wang; Gang Zhou





Poster and Demo Session


Conference banquet at 6 pm, Wendesday
Location: Imperial Inn, 146 N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Thursday, October 30th



Mobile Device Energy Efficiency

User-driven Idle Energy Save for 802.11x Mobile Devices                

Ioannis Pefkianakis; Jaideep Chandrashekar; Henrik Lundgren


High-performance, Energy-efficient Mobile Wireless Networking in 802.11 Infrastructure Mode         

Hanno Wirtz; Georg Kunz; Johannes Laudenberg; Robert Backhaus; Klaus Wehrle


Boe: Context-aware Global Power Management for Mobile Devices Balancing Battery Outage and User Experience    

Chenren Xu; Vijay Srinivasan; Jun Yang; Yoshiya Hirase; Emmanuel Tapia; Yanyong Zhang




Capacity of Cache Enabled Content Distribution Wireless Ad Hoc Networks           

Benyuan Liu; Victor Firoiu; Jim Kurose; May Leung; Soumendra Nanda


Asymptotically-Optimal Incentive-Based En-Route Caching Scheme               

Ammar Gharaibeh; Abdallah A Khreishah; Issa M Khalil; Jie Wu


A Framework for Mobile Data Offloading to Leased Cache-endowed Small Cell Networks        

Konstantinos Poularakis; George Iosifidis; Leandros Tassiulas





Low-power Wireless Protocols

Mitigating the Adverse Effects of Temperature on Low-Power Wireless Protocols Carlo Alberto Boano; Kay Römer; Nicolas Tsiftes


Multi Channel Performance of Dual Band Low Power Wireless Network

Shengrong Yin; Omprakash Gnawali; Philipp Sommer; Branislav Kusy


LearJam: an Energy-efficient Learning-based Jamming Attack against Low-duty-cycle Network              

Zequ Yang; Peng Cheng; Jiming Chen



Content Dissemination

MobileDeluge: Mobile Code Dissemination for Wireless Sensor Networks

Xiaoyang ZHong; Miguel Navarro; German Villalba; Xu Liang; Yao Liang


Opportunistic Coding for Multi-Packet Flooding in Wireless Sensor Networks with Correlated Links

Yinqun Zhang; Xingfa Shen; Yueshen Chen; Jianhui Zhang; Tian He; Guojun Dai


A General Data and Acknowledgement Dissemination Scheme in Mobile Social Networks

Ning Wang; Jie Wu




Location Tracking

An Online Algorithm for Fingerprint-based Location Tracking                         

Duc A. Tran; Ting Zhang


EPcloak: An Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Spatial Cloaking Scheme for LBSs      

Ben Niu; Xiaoyan Zhu; Weihao Li; Hui Li




A Unified Approach for Fast and Accurate Cardinality Estimation in RFID Systems

Wenchao Jiang; Yanmin Zhu


Toward Fast and Deterministic Clone Detection for Large Anonymous RFID Systems                    

Kai Bu; Mingjie Xu; Xuan Liu; Jiaqing Luo; Shigeng Zhang





Multihop Wireless Networks

Building Cross-Layer Corridors in Wireless Multihop Networks                      

Adrian Loch; Pablo Quesada; Matthias Hollick; Alexander Kuehne; Anja Klein


Using Radio Connectivity To Define Transmission Schedules in Multihop Wireless Networks

JJ Garcia-Luna-Aceves; Ashok N Masilamani


Multi-Channel Data Collection for Throughput Maximization in Wireless Sensor Networks             

Ying Chen; Pedro Henrique Gomes; Bhaskar Krishnamachari


Coordinating Robots for Connectivity in Wireless Sensor Networks                              

Baris Tas; Ali Saman Tosun



Distributed Algorithms

Guaranteeing Stability and Delay in Dynamic Networks based on Infinite Games Simon Tenbusch; Christof Loeding; Frank Radmacher; James Gross


From Task Graphs to Concrete Actions: A New Task Mapping Algorithm for the Future Internet of Things

Benjamin Billet; Valerie Issarny


Minimum Power Broadcast: fast variants of greedy approximations               

Gruia Calinescu; Kan Qiao


Throughput-Optimal Robotic Message Ferrying for Wireless Networks using Backpressure Control          

Andrea Gasparri; Bhaskar Krishnamachari


Accepted Posters and Demos


Optimal Hierarchical Power Scheduling for the Macrogrid and Cooperative Microgrids

Yu Wang, Shiwen Mao, and R. M. Nelms


Cellular Vehicular Networks (CVN): ProSe-based ITS in advanced 4G networks

Thouraya Toukabri, Adel Mounir Said, Emad Abd-Elrahman, Hossam Afifi

PPG sensor and device for continuous mobile human vital signs monitoring

Vahram Mouradian, Armen Poghosyan, and Levon Hovhannisyan


An Efficient Routing Algorithm to Optimize the Lifetime of Sensor Network Using Wireless Charging Vehicle

Tseng-Yi Chen, Hsin-Wen Wei, Yu-Chun Chang, Tsan-sheng Hsu, and Wei-Kuan Shih


Modeling the Expected Data Collection Time For Vehicular Networks Using Random Walks on a Torus

Aritro Biswas, and Bhaskar Krishnamachari


Target Counting with Binary Proximity Sensors Based on Sensor-Cluster Identification

Shigeo Shioda


Design & Development of WINGSNET (Wireless INtelligent GPS-based Sensor NETwork) System for monitoring Air Pollution and Radiation based on WiFi & WiMAX Communication Network

S. Devendra K. Verma, and  P. K. Barhai


Reliable cross-layer data transport protocol for MANETs

Iurii Voitenko, and Mohammad Derawi


Development of a High-Speed Simulator for Sensor Network Protocols using GPGPU

Hiroaki Nose, Saori Nakajyo, Hikofumi Suzuki, and Yasushi Fuwa


Maximizing Data Preservation Time in Linear Sensor Networks

Ryan Hausen, Bin Tang, Samuel Sambasivam, and Simon Lin


Recommendation-based Trust Management for Body Area Networks

Wenjia Li, and Xianshu Zhu


Concurrent Wireless Channel Survey on Dual Band Sensor Network Testbed

Shengrong Yin, Omprakash Gnawali, Philipp Sommer, and Branislav Kusy


Probabilistic Sleep Cycle management in Body Area Sensor Networks

Ashwin Ganesh Krishnamurthy, Junghyun Jun, and Dharma P. Agrawal


Methods for Node Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Ronald Beaubrun


A Quantum Diffie-Hellman Protocol

Pranav Subramaniam, and Abhishek Parakh


Android controlled Zigbee motes for Wireless Sensor Networks

B. Sree Charan Teja Reddy, N. Sai Teja, and G. V. V. Sharma


Cognitive GSM OpenBTS

Yuva Kumar S., Meghan S. Saitwal, Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan, and Uday B. Desai


Towards A Reconfigurable Cyber Physical System

Priyank Bharad, Eun Kyun Lee, and Dario Pompili


WiFiScout: A Crowdsensing WiFi Advisory System with Gamification-based Incentive

Fang-Jing Wu, and Tie Luo


Scientific Experiments with the Large Scale Open Testbed IoT-LAB: Broadcast with Network Coding

Cedric Adjih, Ichrak Amdouni, Hana Baccouch, and Antonia Masucci


MobileDeluge: A Novel Mobile Code Dissemination Tool for WSNs

Xiaoyang Zhong, Miguel Navarro, German Villalba, Xu Liang, Yao Liang